Helpful Hint: Foils are slightly higher in cost than .008" or .012" thickness. Foils can be embossed when pressure is applied.

.003 aluminum foil: Ideal thickness when you require the long lasting durability of an aluminum plate but desire a thin, flexible material. Combined with the right adhesive, this aluminum can conform to curved surfaces.

.005 aluminum foil: This thickness is a good choice for mostly flat surfaces where a thin plate is desired. It is still flexible enough to conform to a slightly curved surface.

.005 dead soft aluminum foil: Dead soft nameplates are specifically designed to wrap around curved surfaces such as pipes, cylinders, or other curved surfaces. This metal bends easily to conform to almost any surface. Available in satin finish only.

.012 dead soft aluminum foil: While .012 aluminum is usually considered a rigid nameplate material, the .012 dead soft is flexible and able to conform to a curved surface. This metal is ideal when a thicker plate is desired that must conform to a curved surface. Available in satin finish only.