Helpful Hint: Thickness does not affect durability, only rigidity. The less weight the adhesive has to hold up, the better. If riveting on your plates, we recommend .012 or thicker with .020 on up preferred.

.008 aluminum: The most economical thickness, .008 plates are thin but rigid and usually affixed with adhesive.

.012 aluminum: .012 is an economical choice for fairly thin but rigid nameplates. Choose .012 for a reliable nameplate that won't bend easily.

.020 aluminum: .020 is a popular nameplate thickness due to its versatility. This rigid nameplate material can be affixed with rivets or affixed with adhesive.

.032 aluminum: .032 thick plates are very rigid and are frequently applied with rivets. When relying solely on adhesive for application, a thicker adhesive is recommended.

.063 aluminum: .063 is the thickest, in-stock aluminum we use to manufacture nameplates. At 1/16" thick, these nameplates provide the utmost in rigidity and strength. They will not bend by hand. If you require a thickness greater than .063", please contact us for additional special order options.